Dining - Membership

Your First Visit

Our main activity is a monthly dinner pitch-in. We encourage anyone interested to join us at an upcoming meal. Prospective members come as guests to their first – don’t worry about bringing a dish.

If you’ve contacted us ahead of time via the contact us form, email or phone, you’ll have made contact with one or more officers. Even if you haven’t made contact ahead of time, do seek out New Member Liasons Kelvin Kwok/Jason Floyd, Organizer Eric Baiz, or other officers. As you walk in the door, feel free to seek them out and get introduced. Or, check out the host or hosts – who may well be doing some last minute prep in the kitchen.

Near the door, you’ll find a table with nametags. Please fill one out with your first
and last name.

And, enjoy! You’ll find that Fellowship members represent a wide range of interests, occupations and involvement in central Indiana. Feel free to introduce yourself and get acquainted. We like to think that all Fellowship members are, in fact, hosts who will circulate and engage. So, we hope that you’ll find comfortable and enjoyable conversation.

Your Membership

If Fellowship turns out to be “your thing,” consider joining. Take in a dinner or two as our guest before you take the leap. We’ll look forward to the “fine dining” that you bring to dinner.

When you join, you’ll be put on our mailing and emailing list so that you’re notified personally of upcoming events.

And, your membership dues are critical to the ongoing support and mission of Fellowship – covering communication with membership, event expenses, venue costs, outreach to local gay social organizations, and others.